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This page is for anyone who would like to use this site to make friends with other people

Please e-mail me your details and I will post them here for you

Remember to include your own e-mail address and some information about yourself


Join our Friendship Group

A group designed to promote friendship all around the world in a caring and sharing environment.

"Friendship is the golden ribbon that ties the world together" 

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I recently recieved the following in and e-mail from carol in Northants - just goes to show how valuable friendships can be made in this way

"Have been doing much reading at they send you little daily inspirations too which is real neat. I got the site forwarded to me from friend I met through your pen pal page. We get along real well & is great to swap knowledge & teachings, issues & stuff, as well as the culture bit. He lives in Thailand but was born & raised in India, so loads to learn!"



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Alan Rayment from England would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in all things spiritual.  Alan doesn't have internet access but you can write to him at this address: 15 High Street, Ringwood, Hampshire, England BH24 1AB

Melanie Bradshaw

I am from Cornwall in England and I am interested in corresponding with others from around the world who are interested in Alternative medicine, Reiki, Astrology, Tarot and spirituality.  I am particularly interested in hearing from people from Spanish speaking countries as I am learning Spanish at the moment.

Francis is 21 and lives in Ghana ... and would love to hear from anyone who would care to write to him.  E-mail Francis at 

Jenny lives in Missouri in the middle of the USA.  Jenny is currently studying Computer Technology and will graduate next year.  She has three lovely children who are the love of her life.  Jenny is very interested in the Tarot and would like to correspond with anyone who might be able to share an interest with with her.  E-mail Jenny on 

Suraju lives in Ghana, West Africa.  He is a student whose hobbies include art, writing and playing football.  He would love to make some more e-mail friends from across the globe so please do send him a message 

A request for penpals ... if you would like to discuss life, happiness, spiritual ideas, obstacles, or in general, perhaps we can correspond? Sending you peace (Thailand)


From Ismaela ...

I am from Gambia in the western part of Africa and I am a tall, handsome young man who plays football in the Gambian first division league.  I love music, sports, traveling, cinema.  I also love to meet new people.  I am single and I have no parents ... so anyone who wants a long-term friendship and maybe prefers snail-mails are highly welcome ... bye


Hello ... my name is Richard and I would like a pen-pal, preferably female. I am 30 years of age and I am currently doing my first degree in Human Resource Management.  I have got a strong ambition of doing my Masters in the UK.  I am from Malawi in central Africa.  I like football and reading spirituals materials, singing and traveling.  Thank you for sparing some time to read this message. (Malawi)

A lovely message from Anuj in India ... renowned for his poetry!

"Little drops of water and little grains of sand make a mighty ocean and a pleasant land"

Contact Anuj on (India)

Albert Christopher is a young man who comes from Ghana and would love to hear from anyone who would care to send him an e-mail.

Contact Albert on (Ghana)


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